This unit is a combination TENS (transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation) unit and EMS (electrical muscle stimulator).  Great for sore muscles from everyday life activities or working out.  Also great for rehabilitation of torn muscles or ligaments.  Comes with carrying case, 4 reusable electrodes and a 1-year warranty.

$150.00 tax included.  Ask Dr. MacNeill how you can get this unit covered through your extended health benefits.


Topical pain relief for sore muscle.  Soothing cool feeling.  Available in gel, roll on or spray.

$20.00 tax included.


Topical capsaicin based hot roll on. Great for sore muscles after your hardest days in the gym.

Let me say it again – this stuff is HOT!

$20.00 tax included.

Chiroflow Water Pillow

A thousand pillows in one!  Hard or soft pillow or anything in between by the amount of water you add to the inside.  Customize the pillow to your liking.  Funnel and filling instructions included.  1-year warranty.

$65.00 tax included.

Embraceair Lumbar Support Backrest

Great for heavy equipment operators, truck drivers or the everyday commuter.  Great to keep the lumbar spine in proper alignment during driving.

$115.0 tax included.